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Consultation - 1 Active Added

Consultation - 1 Active Added - £19.99

We are a complete skin health clinic group showing you how you can have great skin and feel great from the inside out through skin analysis and product development programmes with a difference.

As part of your Derma Dio skin consultation you will be offered a unique skincare product as part of your 2 week treatment programme. 

You can choose from 6 skincare product bases which we will be able to create and design treatment programmes for you based on the needs of your skin.  Our products are created with care and once you understand the science of skin products, you will understand why our range is second to none and why we bespoke taylor blend actives and oils into your products in order to create finished products that you can take home and use.

1 Active allows us to add one active ingredient to your chosen product, based on your skin type and requirements.

You will see results after only 2 days continued use, so following your 2 week programme is vital. When you return for your follow up appointment, the differences will be very visible.

We are passionate about our skin and what it means for our overall health and wellbeing.



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